Thank you for your interest in our STAND WITH US donation project 🇮🇱 to bring light and hope to the evacuated families and support our business!

Hi, we are Nirel and Amy Levinson,
founders and owners of Rosh Habrosh (Tree Tops) a small family business in Kibbutz Amiad in the Upper Galilee of Israel, that offers fun and unique ecological green craft kits and workshops from natural and recycled materials, to families, communities, schools throughout Israel.
In these difficult days of war, sadness and determination, but also of hope, love and support, we would like to ask you to join us in bringing joy and laughter to the evacuated families from the South and North of Israel.
We are offering for purchase, a variety of Green Arts and Crafts Community and Family Packages to be donated in your names, to families and communities that have been evacuated from the South and North, far from their homes, routines, workplaces and schools. The purchased donations also help our business hold up during these challenging times.

The packs include our ecological kits🌿🍃🌸to create beautiful Menorahs and Judas Maccabeus characters for Hanukkah, fun birds, animals and imaginary creatures from natural and recycled materials, hot glue guns and glue sticks and seeds, leaves, acorns, dried avocado, pine cones and more for decoration.
Our craft activities provide families and children of all ages with much-needed fun, calming, creative, educational and meaningful activity. At the end of the activity every participant leaves with a wonderful handcrafted souvenir that they made themselves.

All prices for the donation packages are discounted with love. We'll match up the packages with the displaced families and communities and arrange their transportation to the families wherever they are staying throughout Israel. All packages will include any special message you wish to include and we will be sure to convey their gratitude and appreciation back to you and if possible, send photographs of the activity!


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